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May 26, 2011


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I personally do not own a pet but I know of a lot of people that do. This is a great and very helpful resource to pet owners. i just recently learned about how different animals are from humans in terms of pharmacokinetics and this will be an exciting avenue to learn a whole lot more.

In the Natural Standard monograph on Green Health For Pets, acupuncture on cats and dogs is discussed. I initially thought that it would be difficult to keep an animal calm through a procedure like this, but apparently they sometimes sleep through it. Has anyone taken their pet for acupuncture who could comment on this?

Good point, DB. This will definitely take place of any blank stares as a result of not having a good place to find information, especially if this is available on Natural Standard's mobile device version

Natural Standard keeps getting better and better. This is a must-have for all retail pharmacies. I cannot count how many times I have been asked animal questions and never had a good place to turn to.

This is fantastic! I am curious if cranberry has been proven to work for cats in prevention of UTIs, as they have with humans.

This database is much bigger than expected, and I am already spreading the news to my veterinary friends! Great job with this launch, NS!

I wonder how intensive this database is going to be! Does anyone think it will get to the point where every single animal type will have specifications?

I'm assuming Natural Standard will focus on cats and dogs first, but will animals that aren't domesticated and are in the wild be included?

Also, would Natural Standard consider promoting the database to veterinarians?

Holistic veterinary care is certainly a growing field. As with humans, not everything that is natural is necessarily safe, so I am happy to see some information available about our pets.

As a pet owner, this will definitely be used and come in handy. Another great way to compile information that people would otherwise have to look all over the place for.

When my friend who is a massage therapist told me that she had an appointment to massage a dog, I thought she was joking, but she wasn’t. This database is interesting; it has treatments for pets and also pet-therapy for people, which is evidence grade B for improving quality, of life according to Natural Standard. I would like to read about massages for dogs.

This is a very important and exciting addition to the Natural Standard database. Healthcare professionals can now use an authoritative resource when treating pets. This will reduce the amount of dispensing errors regarding pets, which is overlooked too often.

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