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July 06, 2011


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As a dentistry student I learned valuable information from this post. Very educational indeed. Teeth whitening is an area where most people do not fully understand the underlying risk factors.

In response to Ms. Rhoades, I researched some of the controversy around fluoride introduction into America’s water supply. Apparently fluoride may accumulate and alter the mental development of children as well as potentially create a nutrient imbalance of calcium, iodine, and vitamins. I came across a biased website http://www.fluoridedebate.com/ which presents the cons of fluoride supplementation. This is interesting as I was previously not aware that there was a controversy over this issue. This makes sense now why some countries, such as Great Britain, have chosen to forgo a population adorned with more cosmetically attractive teeth by not supplementing their water supply with fluoride.

Abby,thanks for sharing that information. I agree that it is good to always take caution when trying different therapies. The Natural Standard webinar shares that some sources warn about potential decay and damage to the tooth's enamel with some of the natural methods for teeth whitening. Individuals should always consult their dentist or health care providers before trying any teeth whitening methods.

Growing up with my dad as my dentist and my mom as my dental hygenist, taking proper care of my teeth was introduced and instilled at a young age. I remember high acidic levels of lemon juice was considered harmful on tooth enamel. The enamel is the important protective, thin layer on the outside of your teeth, and once it is destroyed there is no way to replace it. Therefore, I think the use of lemon products in order to whiten teeth should be avoided because it could decrease the overall health of the them.

Maybe since lemon juice has shown some promise as a tooth whitener, tooth paste companies will start making lemon flavored toothpaste. I would like that a lot better than mint flavor. Mmm could be tasty!

I never really knew how tooth whiteners worked until I listened to this. I used to think they just get regular bleach and maybe diluted it to make it less harmful. Was I wrong! I lerned a lot, thank you for this.

I like how the presentation clearly spells out the differences between OTC whitening products versus dental products.

This was a neat topic for a webinar on integrative care! A related topic in the realm of denistry, fluoride, has a lot of controversy surrounding its use, particularly among consumers seeking natural and alternative products. Unfortunately, as with the whitening products, there do not seem to be many integrative therapies that are shown to be as effective as fluoride in the prevention of dental caries. The only product listed on Natural Standard with good scientific evidence behind it is probiotics, which was given an efficacy rating of 'B'. Betel nut, green tea, iodine, manganese and molybdenum all have unclear or conflicting scientific evidence and are given a 'C'.

I have worked in a dental office for the past three years, and I am very pleased to see that there are integrative therapies that can be used. I am definitely going to have my boss listen to this webinar.

I really enjoyed listening to this Webinar. I've tried various teeth whitening products in the past, everything from bleaching trays from my dentist to Crest White Strips. The products have worked but my teeth are so sensitive the process has been really painful! I was disappointed to learn there aren't any really good known alternative therapies for whitening teeth.

I find this webinar very informative because teeth whitening products have recently become more popular. While whitening products may be effective, it is important for individuals to be aware of the different side effects of teeth whitening products (i.e. sensitive teeth, irritated gums, and irritated oral tissue). This presentation also does well at demonstrating other potential products that may whiten teeth (lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide, orange peel, etc.). While there are several products that may whiten teeth, it is important for individuals to ask their dentist for advice due to the lack of good efficacy data.

This is a very interesting educational presentation. It is well organized and easy follow. All the information presented is also very clearly outlined on the Natural Standard database. It brings to light a lot of interesting treatments for teeth whitening. It also does a good job of pointing out every day steps that can help get a whiter smile.

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