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April 17, 2012


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This is a very interesting finding on a commonly consumed vegetable in many food cultures. Although larger sample size is needed in order to solidify the results and deduce any possible side effects from long term intake of beets. However, if confirmed to be safe and effective this would be a great alternative for those who cannot tolerate or want to use this as an adjunct to the standard treatment. It would also be interesting to see why there was a greater reduction of blood pressure in men as opposed to in women.

It is very cool to see how natural products, even foods can be beneficial for lowering blood pressure. Many Americans suffer from hypertension and just simply take their medication and continue to eat the same foods and continue with the same routine thinking they will be fine since their blood pressure is controlled with a pill. I think it's important to education patients on the importance of diet and exercise as well. This is good information to give patients as a simple way to get some added benefits.

A healthy way to reduce blood pressure. Beet root is an essential vegetable and as we know it already contains anti-oxidants and it is heart-friendly. This is a natural way to reduce the hypertension which many people will opt for.

Blood pressure is such a common issue affecting people around the world. Even while on numerous prescription medications patients have a difficult time getting their BP under control. Often we don't look into dietary or herbal products to help get that BP down. It is nice to hear that beetroot juice can be an alternative or add-on option for patients with high BP.

Since hypertension is highly prevalent, it is always nice to find new information regarding natural ways that may help lower blood pressure. Because of the modest reduction in blood pressure, this may be an option for individuals who are pre-hypertensive and are proactively trying to prevent hypertension. I wonder what a glass of beet juice tastes like; I'll have to give it a try!

Very interesting article. I can remember being young and my mom forcing us to eat beets at the dinner table! The flavor was not great then but sounds like it might be worth it now, knowing that it is beneficial to keep blood pressure low.

From this article and reading all these comments, beets sound remarkable.

I looked up more about beets and found this article below, showing sugar beet fiber providing some benefit in control an individuals blood sugar:

Beet roots contain nitrate which has vasodilatory actions which help reduce blood pressure. Vasodilation is the process where arteries open, thus increasing blood flow but also reducing pressure. For information read this study http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22414688

The fact that the amount of blood pressure lowering was directly proportional to the amount of beet ingested makes me thing that it could actually be the cause! Thanks for this post. Very interesting!

This is really fascinating to me, beets was always just something I used in soups and salads and now to find out that beets have blood pressure lowering effects! I wonder what the duration of the effects are?

This article also talks about the blood pressure lowering effects of nitrates: http://www.webmd.com/hypertension-high-blood-pressure/news/20061227/nitrates-lower-blood-pressure

The nitrate topic makes me think of conventional medicines such as isosorbide dinitrate which are used for angina but also lower blood pressure, and might have similar active constituents as beets? http://dailymed.nlm.nih.gov/dailymed/lookup.cfm?setid=7ec5ba03-6164-4199-a333-7cd8d7c75e17#nlm34067-9

One point that I want to elaborate on is that Beetroot contains high amount of iron. Traditionally, it is always recommended to eat beetroot for those who suffer from iron deficiency anemia.

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