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May 25, 2012


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Well I had the opportunity of trying some of these recipes this past weekend. First of all it very healthy and taste yummy. Very easy to prepare and good for individuals who are on-the-go all the time. Trying adding a little bit of avocado and trust me you will enjoy it. Thanks Natural Standard.

I'd like to try the potato salad this weekend--it sounds great for family gatherings and barbeques!

Summer season wouldn't be the same without a good potato salad! Check out the "Potato salad with yogurt" recipe from Natural Standard's recipe database. With only 1/2 hour prep time, you've got a delicious side dish ready for any backyard barbecue. Also, the probiotics found in yogurt are great for maintaining a healthy stomach.

These are some very delicious sounding recipes. They seem very nutritious and easy to make as well. I am particularly interested in trying the tuna pasta salad because it has a lot of tasty ingredients. The warm potato salad is a good choice too because it’s low in calories which is always a good thing.

I tried the yogurt vinaigrette two days ago and it was delicious. It was easy to make it. I like the idea of healthy dressing. Of course I will try other recipes.

These recipes look great I can't wait to make these over the summer. Jared zucchini cakes are great too, I don't know how healthy they are but they taste amazing. You just cook them like you would crab cakes. Natural standard also has Zucchini, grilled with lemon and pepper!

These are great recipes. I personally want to try the yogurt vinaigrette this weak

All the recepies sound fairly delicious and hale. I am really interested more in tuna pasta salad.I love spinach and it is more attractive for me. What concerns salad dressings, I pay more attention to it as lots of salads are dressed with mayonnaise. It contains lots of cholesterol what it is pretty harmful for health. Therefore I like the idea of healthy dressings. Thanks!


Perfect recipes for this summer! We have lots of cookouts during the summer and I look forward to trying a few of the recipes from Natural Standard's recipe database.

I tried the yogurt vinaigrette last night and it was delicious! I left out the mayo and it didn't taste like it was missing anything. It was so easy to make. It’s great having healthy and delicious alternatives for the unhealthy foods that I grew up eating. I'll definitely try some of the other recipes.

These are great recipes! I personally want to try the tuna pasta salad. It just goes to show that cook-out food is not all about hamburgers and hot dogs. Hopefully putting a healthy spin on classic recipes will encourage others to eat healthy too.

These recipes sound great! I am especially interested in the yogurt vinaigrette. Most of the time, salads can be healthy until you add the dressing. But with this dressing, it will still be healthy and will taste good at the same time! The warm potato salad also sounds goo d too! I am glad there are healthy alternatives to all the bad foods that I like!

Great recipes! One of my favorite recipes is Turkish cucumber and mint soup, which is also a low calorie, low fat, heart healthy recipe and is a great addition to any meal especially in hot summer days. It is very cooling and refreshing! You can find the detailed recipe on Natural Standard Recipe database

We always have a vegetable garden during the summer at my house, and my mom usually ends up with a ton of extra zucchini. While zucchini bread is delicious, it's not always very healthy. Some other good options that I found on the Natural Standard recipe database were "tomato and zucchini pasta salad" and "zucchini noodles".

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