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September 21, 2012


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I saw this in a monograph recording that I did this week. It can interact with medications for high cholesterol. Make sure your doctor knows what medications and supplements you are taking! It could save your life.

I have never seen or heard of this before and it has a Natural Standard evidence grade of B for high cholesterol. Of course, one must keep in mind when recommended OTC/herbals that there are possible side effects. This product may lower blood sugar, which could have benefits but should be used with caution in diabetic patients. It can also increase bleeding risk, so watch for patients on aspirin or warfarin and counsel as needed.

I have never heard of this herb as well. I find it interesting that it had a Natural Standard grade of B in the treatment of hyperlipidemia. Its always nice to be able to offer natural options for patients seeking alternative care for their disease states.

Guggul is a natural product that I have never heard of, but it is very interesting that it has a Natural Standard evidence grade of B for hyperlipidemia. Many Americans suffer from high cholesterol due to a high-fat, high-calorie diet combined with a sedentary lifestyle. In addition to hyperlipidemia, it has been used for acne, obesity, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It'll be interesting to see more studies on guggul to show more promising scientific evidence to treat these medical conditions that plague millions of Americans.

Guggul is an interesting new herb to me, and I am glad to see Natural Standard getting involved in the education of healthcare providers. As a pharmacist, I know it is always important to continue learning about new trends in medicine, and herbal supplements are certainly moving to the forefront. CE programs on natural products are a brilliant way to educate providers and ensure proper dissemination of information on uncommon herbal products. I am looking forward to learning more about guggul while earning CE credit!

I appreciate the notices of Natural Standard Featured CE/CMEs. Before this rotation, I used only the Foods, Herbs, and Dietary Supplements database. There is so much more offered and to learn!

It is interesting to learn from Natural Standard that this less commonly known herbal product has historically been used to treat conditions such as, cancer, obesity, liver disorders, and even intestinal worms. It is neat to read about this product's possible efficacy in the treatment of high cholesterol. I am always fascinated to learn about alternative therapies that have been studied for common disease states. Conventional medicines may boast excellent clinical data, but sometimes patients want alternatives and they will ask questions about other therapies.

It is good to see an alternative solution to most common problem in american people which is the high cholesterol. I think before recommending 'guggul', we need to do more research on all possible side effects from it. patient taking this supplement should be made aware of these side effects otherwise they won't be compliant and we will never find out the efficacy of 'guggul' among various populations.

It is great to see that Natural Standard is trying to increase the awareness of the healthcare community to uncommon herbs and supplements. Before reading this article, I had no experience with this herbal product. It looks to be a promising alternative treatment for high cholesterol levels. With all of the side effects of statin drugs, patients are always looking for alternatives to these medications. Although I have not seen this product available in my pharmacy, it is still important to know about the safety of these products for patients who use them, and I am glad Natural Standard is making it possible!

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