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October 10, 2012


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Lavender oil aromatherapy has been shown to be beneficial at promoting relaxation and decreasing anxiety. I imagine that would help someone that was experiencing a migraine. This is certainly a good option for someone who may have exhausted their abortive medication doses and need something else to help or it may help someone who doesn't have a severe enough migraine to warrant using an abortive medication.

This is an interesting article. I definitely think more research needs to be done since the study population was small. However, as a person who gets frequent headaches I would be willing to try aromatherapy. Often times since I get them so frequently I am hesitant to take over the counter medication every time. This could be a great alternative to helping without doing damage to my liver or GI tract.

I had never heard of aromatherapy being used for patients who suffer from migraines! It is definitely a very interesting study; however, I wonder if this type of therapy can actually do the opposite. Some patients who suffer from migraines actually are triggered from strong scents or perfumes. While this may help some, could it actually be detrimental to others?

A recent study has shown the use of lavender aromatherapy decreases the severity of migraines. Lavender has been used for probably hundreds if not thousands of years and has many different uses. Even though this study only had a very limited amount of participants, the potential for lavender as a migraine treatment has promise. Lavender essential oil is much cheaper than migraine medication and definitely has less side effects. It could also be used as an adjunct treatment in combination with medications as well.

The positive evidence towards the use of lavender oil for migraines is very informative and will be useful in any health care setting. It is great to have a natural alternative to migraine treatment due to the fact that there are a large number of people suffering from this condition. Excellent study!

This is nice to hear. Usually lavender is associated with relaxation. I suffer from migraines myself and always end up taking Advil or Tylenol. This may be a good, natural, and safe alternative to try.

I have a lavendar candle in my room that I always had lit during study times to help soothe my nerves. I just found a study that compared lavendar to benzodiazepines for the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder. They used silexan, a new oral lavender oil capsule preparation, versus lorazepam (brand: Ativan) and results showed that silexan is as effective as lorazepam in adults with GAD. Although I dont have migraines, thank goodness, I do have anxiety sometimes so I will continue to use lavendar products to alleviate these symptoms.

I have unfortunately experienced two migraines in my life so far. I would like to try using lavender oil for migraines. The study did not mention when the lavender oil is inhaled. I’m curious to know if it is before symptoms and helps lessen the headache or during the headache. I also wonder if having lavender candles around will help a little.

I wonder if the lavender had a positive effect because it affects some part of what makes the migraine occur or if the effects were a reaction to stress reduction. Despite the causality, I think it is always good to try natural, non-invasive treatments as the first method of dealing with health problems. Hopefully people can find relief from migraines with a regimen of lavender. I like to use lavender oil sprayed onto pillows for a natural form of nighttime relaxation.

I have read multiple studies showing aromatherapy has anxiolytic effects, but it is surprising that lavender oil aromatherapy would help alleviate migraine headaches and decrease incidence. I suffer from migraines a few times a year, and when it hits, any light, noise, smell, taste, or even movement worsens the migraine to a point where I am crying and vomiting. I literally have to lie still in my bed under the covers for the whole day. I'm not sure if lavender oil aromatherapy will only be effective in people who suffer from specific types of migraines (worsened with light/noise for example), or for all types.

Though this study sample size was small, it corroborates both clinical and anecdotal reports of the effectiveness of aromatherapy in treating headaches and specifically migraines. Lavender oil has been used to promote relaxation, decrease anxiety and help induce restful sleep. It has been recommended for generations even for helping soothe small babies via baths containing lavender. It should be suggested by doctors more often to those who suffer from headaches, migraine headaches and other stress related pain.

Although a small study of 47 participants, this finding is very interesting in validating the potential medicinal properties of plants that have been used traditionally in different cultures.

Lavender is such a versatile herb. It makes sense that it would help to decrease migraine headache intensity, as its calming effects are commonly used to aid with sleep. It is also a simple treatment to use, especially for migraine relief. Just a few drops of lavender oil on the pillow the patient is resting on, and one can not only get some much needed rest but also reap the calming benefits of lavender oil.

Lavender oil has only received an evidence grade of C for indications such as overall well being, agitated behavior, and anxiety, however I have read various studies showing that lavender aromatherapy can be helpful for these indications. Where lavender aromatherapy seems to help with anxiety and relaxation, it makes sense it may help with migraines, especially in the form of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is a very common holistic modality, and it has been used for many years. Because it has been used for so many indications for so many years, I feel that more studies should be done to show if there is an actual benefit. Keep up the great research!

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