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October 15, 2012


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It is very important that pharmacy students take advantage of lesser known career opportunities, given the job market and to expand their knowledge of CAM since more research is coming out at a rapid pace. Not only is it interesting, but as further research emerges, discussion among patient and provider about new information and choice of treatment will increase. Attending professional forums like this one can be surprisingly helpful in pointing a student toward new areas. Meeting other students doing the internships provides valuable insight and the networking with agencies, businesses, and potential mentors is very much enhanced by such a meeting, as well.

There is definitely a need for pharmacists who understand and are knowledgeable about herbal and natural supplements. Most medical/pharmacy/nursing schools teach very little, if any, about this topic, yet it is an important one that continues to grow. Do you attend ASHP’s Midyear by any chance? I think a residency with natural standard would be a great asset to any pharmacist, whether they practice in retail, hospital, or elsewhere.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about the resident program with Natural Standard! I did not realize that the company took on pharmacy residents, and am curious to learn more about this opportunity. Is there information on the website about this program? I did not see any with a quick search. It would be great to see the job description and typical activities posted here, as I'm sure this would be very different from your typical clinical pharmacy residency.

Today, there is a trend towards residencies, with many of them geared toward hospital/in-patient practice. Natural
Standard's promotion of further education in complementary/alternative medicine (CAM) is a wonderful practice that would be great to expose to future pharmacists. CAM is being incorporated into modern medicine more, and its effects are validated by many clinicians and healthcare providers. Through the residency showcase, I hope that many students would leave knowing more about Natural Standard's goals for a comprehensive, safe healthcare.

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