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October 15, 2012


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By using this resource it will allow patients to initiate discussions about their integrative therapy options. The patient specific parameters add an excellent feature as they can eliminate harmful options that patients may otherwise consider.

What a great new tool for people to use for their healthcare needs. It’s nice that it is healthcare tailored specifically to an individual’s needs based on the information they provide. Although this will provide users with useful information, it is always important to consult a qualified healthcare provider as well.

This therapy finder is a great tool for patients. It’s great that they can make their own profile and update as needed. It will definitely engage patients in their own health. This will give patients the opportunity to actually read the evidence based information to make their own decisions on therapy.

This is a great addition to the site that is user friendly and thorough in the scope and depth of information it provides. The results of a few "test" searches using my own health conditions were quite impressive. These results included information that would have taken significant time to find otherwise and produced information about related conditions, which made the search very efficient. Including the NS Grades that help one learn more about the safety and effectiveness of suggested therapies. There were a few surprises in my searches, things I had not thought of which will assist me in starting a conversation with my provider

I tried the therapy finder yesterday and think it's such a great tool for everyone to try. The tool was very easy to use, which makes it helpful for a patient who may be overwhelmed browsing the databases without knowing specifically what they are looking for. The databases are so extensive, which is really great that one has access to so much information, but for an individual that wants to add to their health but doesn't know where to start, this makes using the site easier. By asking the patient background information about themselves, the results are geared specifically for the patient. A health care provider could also use this tool in order to look up complementary and alternative treatment options that may be good for their patient to try as well. A patient who suffers from more than one ailment, through this tool, may be able to come across results for things such as supplements or treatment modalities that can kill two birds with one stone.

This is an amazing new addition to the Natural Standard website! It is very helpful to be able to enter your personal health details and see what therapies may be of use for your specific medical condition. I look forward to using this tool to try to find alternative therapies for allergies to discuss with my doctor. When talking to my doctor, we frequently run out of alternative treatment ideas as we are both medically trained and often forget about options other than medications. Thanks for adding such a useful tool!

This tool is great! Now people with things like diabetes, stomach problems, insomnia, weight-loss issues, etc can find therapies targeted especially for them. This is much easier than going to a pharmacy and just perusing the shelves until you find something. I don’t think things like this even exist for non-herbal medicine, at least not one made by professionals. It’s also great because you can check here if you have questions about using an herbal while pregnant (although you should probably still talk with your doctor).

I just tried therapy finder for myself, putting in my background information, medical history, diet,lifestyle, current therapies and health interests. The results included my selected topics of interest,in which I could be directed to a list of therapies with their specific NS grades.

Not only did the therapy finder provide me information regarding my topics of interest and possible therapy options, but it provided me with an extensive list of related topics that I might be interested in. From this list, I may choose to learn more about therapy options and make an informed decision for myself. It is very helpful that the NS grading system divides the treatments into separate categories regarding their safety and effectiveness, so I know there is no bias, and I can safely choose therapy options that work for me and fit my lifestyle.

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