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October 02, 2012


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In my biology class, my senior year of high school, our professor took us to a symposium in Boston presented by Phillip and Alexandra Cousteau, the children of Fabien Cousteau, on their initiative and work on protecting endangered turtles. Their talk was very purposeful and inspirational. It is great to see that the legacy of protecting life in the ocean is still continuing generation after generation. This new restoration project “Plant a Fish” should be very engaging and not only beneficial to the all the different species in the ocean, but it seems beneficial in building relationships among people all over the world and coming together for an essential cause.

I tried to click the link in the article to see the Q&A with Fabien Cousteau, but I was not able to access the webinar. Both links in the article lead to a "page not found" error message. Hopefully this will be fixed sometime soon. I was looking forward to learning more about Mr. Cousteau's Plant a Fish initiative and how it will help with ocean restoration.

I would love to listen to the conversation with Fabien Cousteau but none of the links from the blog entry are working. Hopefully someone will fix that. Actually I found another way to listen to the interview. you have to go to "www.naturalstandard.com" and under News and Events, click on webinars and and you will see the working link.

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