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October 10, 2012


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I thought it was pretty well known that red yeast rice may lower cholesterol. I remember hearing years ago that one of its constituents has the same chemical structure as lovastatin. Obviously, its use should not be routinely recommended because you can't control how much of that constituent will be in the product and you need regular medical follow-up for hypercholesterolemia.

I only find this interesting because I thought this was already one of the known facts about red yeast rice. Research has shown that it has the same chemical structure as the prescription drug lovastatin. Although this may be similar to a prescription medication, the problem with taking this or any other substance is that the amount of the main ingredient can vary because no one makes sure that it is always the same. People can suggest that supplements can cure any disease or that they are better than prescription drugs but, even if they could do those things, not having the same amount of medicine in every capsule creates problems in keeping the right amounts of blood in your system.

Hypercholesterolemia has become one of the major health issues for the North American population. The majority of patients with hypercholesterolemia tend to have diet related causes and they tend to be dependent on anti-cholesterol medications such as statins. Since this study shows that red yeast rice may help reduce the LDL level plus increase the HDL level at the same time, we could incorporate it into part of the diet for patients suffering from hypercholesterolemia. Physicians and dietitians should provide more information and also educate their patients about healthy diet with red yeast rice in the future.

So many people come to the pharmacy asking about red yeast rice. It is great that more research is coming through with this supplement. It is great to know that it has the same chemical structure as lovastatin. I think that patients should still talk to their health care provider prior to starting therapy. But I think it is a great alternative.

I did not know much about red yeast rice before this. It is interesting how the chemical structure is similar to lovastatin. I wonder if there are any significant side effects to RYR. It is great to see that they did determine that it is safe and effective. This will be a great option for individuals who want to use alternative products.

This is great! Red yeast rice actually has a Natural Standard evidence grade of A! It is thought that red yeast rice works to lower cholesterol by inhibiting cholesterol absorption, increasing the clearance of cholesterol, as well as by the antioxidant effects the RYR exhibits. It's great to see a natural product that can be used many individuals to improve their health that is both safe and effective.

It should not come as a surprise that we have much to learn from other cultures dietary practice. It is interesting to note that before modern medicine began to identify the need for cholesterol lowering diet or therapy, people around the world were already consuming this natural product, which just so happens to have the same chemical structure as modern medicine lovastatin. It is important to investigate further what the side effects of this natural product are vs. the synthetic product while also properly counseling patients about their diet to avoid potential conflicts if prescription medication is offered to stabilize cholesterol issues.

The cholesterol lowering potential of red yeast rice (RYR) has been known, particularly regarding the similarity with lovastatin. Concluding that RYR is a safe and effective supplement must go in hand with the precaution to consumers of the interaction between taking RYR and their other cholesterol lowering medicines. Consumers should talk with their pharmacist or doctor before using RYR to lower cholesterol.

I am really excited to see an article about red yeast rice on this blog. I have seen lots of patients asking questions about the use of red yeast rice capsules for the treatment of cholesterol, and it is certainly not a product I had come across until the past few months. I am glad to see these patients were onto something, considering the encouraging results of this study! The dual effects of lowering LDL and raising HDL are quite beneficial, and the prevention of death and heart attack are significant. These benefits are especially helpful for patients that are unable to take statin drugs due to side effects; I always have patients looking for as many alternatives as possible to these strong medications! Thanks for the great article!

There is so much in the news lately about natural products and their benefits on heart health! Natural Standard gives red yeast rice a grade of A for its benefit in hyperlipidemia, and this study just further solidifies this evidence. I had heard that red yeast rice may be beneficial for cholesterol lowering, however I did not know that the monacolin K in red yeast rice had the same chemical structure as lovastatin! This is a really interesting point, and makes sense why the activity is so high. However, because the compound is the same, there could be similar side effects, and as practitioners we may want to consider monitoring our patients that take red yeast rice the same way as we monitor our lovastatin patients.

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