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November 19, 2012


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Raspberry ketone has a Natural Standard grade of C for unclear or conflicting scientific evidence for skin rejuvenation. I looked into the Natural Standard website to learn what other herbs and supplements may also have effects on skin rejuvenation and found that, like raspberry ketone, copper, glucosamine, and Pycnogenol® have NS evidence grades of C for this indication. However, according to NS, no herbs or supplements have grades of A or B for skin rejuvenation, and more studies are needed for the products that have some evidence for this use before a recommendation can be made.

As mentioned by others, I too have had many patients coming in and asking me about raspberry ketones. I knew very little about it and people were wondering if and how it worked. It is great to have a place like Natural Standard where we can refer to the site for more information. This way I know I am bringing back correct information to their questions. As for the product itself I think more research needs to be done. Any diet pill needs to be in coordination with diet and exercise but I have met a few people that swear to me it has helped them. I'm curious to find out more.

It is interesting to read Kn's comment that you would need to eat 90lbs of raspberries to get the same benefit as one daily dose of raspberry ketone in tablet form! I see patients looking for this in my store and seem to think of it as a magical weight loss pill. I agree that it is very important to use it and other diet supplements in conjunction with a comprehensive diet and exercise program. From the research available, it doesn't seem to be the magical product that many patients cannot stop looking for.

I checked out comparative effectiveness on NS website to see what interesting herbals can be used for weight loss. Mango seed fiber has a NS evidence grade of B. Well mango seed fiber comes from African mango that can be found on farms and forests of central and western Africa. This mango seed has a NS evidence grade of C for diabetes too. It possibly lowers the blood glucose levels.

It is wonderful the Natural Standard is being featured in the Wall Street Journal. With its high number of readers, it will provide Natural Standard with more exposure. Especially discussing a topic that is trending right now. Like others mentioned, raspberry ketone is being sought out at pharmacies and Natural Standard would be a great resource for consumers to gain more information.

The Dr. Oz website states that “Research has shown that raspberry ketone can help in your weight-loss efforts, especially when paired with regular exercise and a well-balanced diet of healthy and whole foods.” When you watch the video clip where he discusses the ketones, he does reiterate that diet and exercise is needed for weight loss, which emphasizes that this is still not a magic weight loss pill. The recommended dose is usually 100mg daily. To put that dose into perspective, you would have to eat approximately 90 lbs of raspberries to get the same benefit from the whole fruit.

This is great publicity for Natural Standard! It is great to see that such influential sources are relying on Natural Standard's opinion on natural supplements and products. I have had many patients ask about raspberry ketone products at my pharmacy, and it was not something I could find much information about initially. As mentioned by ML, I had to turn to the ever popular Dr. Oz show to learn more. It is unfortunate that the Wall Street Journal blocks access to this article behind a paywall - I would have loved to read more about it.

It would be very interesting and informational to see if a comparative study was done between the use of raspberry ketone solution versus minoxidil topical solution for the use of hair growth and stimulation. If a study is done and the results do prove to be equally effective or more effective it would be an amazing alternative to this conventional therapy. Really interesting to see all the beneficial effects of raspberries.

I, too, faced questions about raspberry ketones at my pharmacy because many people had seen it hailed on the Dr. Oz show as the “Fat Burner in a Bottle”. Raspberry ketones are thought to regulate adiponectin, a protein used by the body to help regulate metabolism, so some think they cause fat to break down faster. I remain slightly skeptical because the scientific evidence is still unclear and conflicting (it is rated a “C” by Natural Standard), particularly in humans. Most of the studies have been in rats and mice or in vitro, not in humans, and while animal and in vitro studies are important for early stages of scientific discovery, the results do not always mean the same outcomes will be seen in humans.

This is great for the Natural Standard. I remember a lot of people asking me about the raspberry ketone product this past summer. I have never actually seen the product, but people had told me that they saw it on Dr. Oz’s show. Then later on there was an article in Pharmacist’s Letter. It seems like it only works in animals and efficacy in humans is not equivalent.

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