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November 01, 2012


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I am sad to have missed this webinar. Will this information be posted to the Natural Standard site for future reference? I agree that patient-driven healthcare is becoming incredibly important in today's world, since patients with multiple disease states see a variety of doctors often giving them conflicting advice. Anything that can help to consolidate a patient's care would be incredibly beneficial to patients and healthcare providers alike. I am happy to see Natural Standard at the forefront of this issue!

I disagree with GP; the healthcare facility I go to here in Seattle is making great strides in giving patients more time during appointments. Appointments with MDs are generally at least 30 minutes, long enough to get all questions answered and still have time left over to wonder if you have forgotten to ask anything. Appointments with nurse practioners are even longer - an average of 45 minutes! While this is often too much time for my simple needs, it does seem to provide enough time to cover everything for patients with more complex healthcare needs, and these patients seem to be seen more frequently as well. I think this is something the healthcare system has been working on for some time now, and while every doctor's office may not have caught on, I think it is important to recognize that many are reacting to patient's needs and making great improvements along the way.

It is important that we find new ways to reduce health care costs and improve the overall quality of medical care. Shared patient decision making and improving coordination of patient care, as with patient-centered medical homes, can help improve health outcomes and reduce some costs. Practicing evidence-based medicine, which Natural Standard is a great resource for, is also key for healthcare practitioners. The website, www.healthcare.gov, is another great resource to help patients play a role in their health care.

I am looking forward to this webinar on Wednesday. It would be great if patients just had one primary care physician but that doesn't seem realistic anymore. Hopefully this webinar helps us bridge the gap between the practitioner and patient relationship.

Patient-driven care is the ideal healthcare method, but the limited time that a clinician has with each patient makes this a difficult concept to reach. I agree with GP in that although the clinician is the person providing the patient with evidence-based medical advice, the patient is the person who is going to be taking care of his or her own health long-term. Increasing patient knowledge base and also his or her trust in the healthcare professional by allowing the patient feel like a part of the healthcare process would increase the quality of healthcare, and thereby improve health conditions.

I second the comments already made here. A patient driven approach is the way our healthcare system should be ran (in my opinion). I just read an article speaking about how empathy can increase patient outcomes. This is something that could potentially be implemented into most physicians’ minds fairly easily. A webinar series such as this is a way to easily educate people about these practices.

With the healthcare system in the state it is in today, it is becoming more and more important to focus on a patient centered approach to healthcare. Patients often see several doctors and are taking multiple medications, and it is becoming increasingly more difficult for one primary care doctor to manage it all on their own. Getting patients more involved in their healthcare often prevents errors and empowers patients as well. I am happy to see Natural Standard offering information on this important change that is occurring in our healthcare system.

I think these webinars will be very useful for so many different people. I like that the webinar is going to address the fact that clinicians do suffer from time constraints. As a patient, I definitely feel the affects of healthcare’s fast paced environment and am worried that sometimes my care suffers. For example, I have trouble with sleeping. I go into my doctor for a check up and ask about this and my doctors either write a script for a sleeping pill or tell me they don’t have time to discuss alternative therapies. However, Natural Standard makes it so quick to look up integrative therapies that are based on scientific evidence. I would much prefer trying integrative therapies such as music therapy, which has good scientific evidence and could potentially be free, before relying on medications with side effects.

This title is so true, it is very important to engage patients through things like demonstrating empathy, explaining their disease states and medications to them, and eliciting questions. Often clinicians are too rushed to give the patient the time that he or she needs, and this can adversely affect the patient’s care. While practitioners often only see patients for about 15 minutes once every few months, management of the patient’s health conditions the remainder of the time is in the hands of the patient, and so it is important to ensure that he or she feels empowered enough to be able to manage them. I am looking forward to watching this webinar and learning some new things about the value of patient-practitioner interaction.

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