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November 01, 2012


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A great webinar to provide to the public. Pre-eclampsia can become a major health problem for pregnant women. I did my poster presentation for pharmacy school on hypertension in pregnancy and drug options are limited and can sometimes be scary. Providing alternative approaches will be useful.

I really like the setup of this complimentary webinar and accompanying PDF file. The powerpoint is easy to read and understand, with some great information. I also liked the specific patient cases and periodic questions to work through and practice/test my knowledge. I had heard of magnesium, yoga, and omega-3s being used for pre-eclampsia, but garlic really surprised me! I recommend the Preeclampsia Foundation at http://www.preeclampsia.org/ as it is also a great resource on this topic.

This was a very informative webinar with quite a lot of information about pre-eclampsia. With the importance of safety at the front of a pregnant woman's mind when it comes to medication treatment, it is great to know there are so many alternative treatments available. I didn't realize rhubarb could be used for anything in medicine, and it was great to learn about the benefits of magnesium and calcium in this sensitive disease state. With the variety of side effects that medications can cause, many pregnant women want to avoid treatment with standard medicine in case it has some sort of effect on the fetus. I am happy to have more information to present to patients about alternative therapies in this disease state.

Pregnancy is a very difficult and scary area for pharmacists because there are so many drugs that are harmful to mother and fetus. To be able to have a resource for doctors and inquiring mothers-to-be to access is wonderful. As a pharmacy student, I look forward to more webinars on important topics like this one and the available resources for natural treatment!

It's always great when a qualified health related database such as Natural Standard provides information that can be trusted about pregnancy. Pregnant women are almost always excluded from studies, so it's very hard to find out what types of treatments are safe for them. This is sure to be a great webinar and it is wonderful that Natural Standard provides this and so many other weninars free to the public so that so many can be adequately educated on topics of natural, complementary, and integrative therapies and medicines.

Great webinar! It was very informative and had great information about the different options for pre-eclampsia. I like how the webinar showed how to look things up on the natural standard website. I did not know that rhubarb could be used for something other than desserts and jam. Also, I have never heard of American hellebore before.

The webinar is not accessible via the links provided above. However, it is accessible by going directly to the webinar page from the Natural Standard homepage. Pre-eclampsia, hypertension presenting during pregnancy with or without proteinuria, is a serious condition that could impact the fetus permanently. If pre-eclampsia is left untreated, it could lead to eclampsia, which presents as a seizure or coma in the patient, which could lead to mother and fetus mortality. This is not something I wish on any mother-to-be, and this is a great webinar where information on signs and symptoms and treatment options are given. Yoga, magnesium supplementation, omega-3 fish oil supplementation and garlic have evidence grade A for pre-eclampsia, so this information would be helpful for the mother-to-be so that she can choose to incorporate these into her lifestyle.

I think this is a great of Natural Standard to offer a webinar on this topic. Safety is so important when dealing with a mother and her unborn child, so a reliable source of information is extremely helpful. Pre-eclampsia affects thousands of women and children each year, and with more people desiring to take a more “natural” or integrative approach to caring for themselves, this webinar is a great opportunity.

I am certainly looking forward to checking out this webinar. I have little experience with using integrative therapies for pre-eclampsia, and it is something that comes up occasionally in my practice. Pregnant women are often reluctant to take prescription medications with a variety of side effects, and it would be helpful to know about integrative options for these patients. I appreciate the efforts Natural Standard has made in order to make this information available to us!

I did not know that magnesium and calcium were so effective for pre-eclampsia! That’s great news, especially given some of the nasty side effects of some of the more conventional treatments, like steroids. Plus, calcium is so important for women of all ages anyway, so most pregnant women likely already take at least some calcium in the form of a prenatal vitamin. It’s great that Natural Standard allows clinicians to look more thoroughly into things women might have heard about but which they should avoid for pre-eclampsia (like rhubarb and American hellebore). Thank you so much Natural Standard for doing a webinar on such an important topic!

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