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January 02, 2013


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Great post! It is very interesting to know that there are actually natural herbs and supplements out there that can boost our health and even fight a number of illnesses.. I have also read a blog about a natural supplement that have several benefits for the health. Check this out: http://www.hgh-pills.biz/anti-ageing-articles/simple-tips-on-building-stamina.html

I enjoyed learning more about one of the more commonly used supplements today, fish oil. I knew that it had good evidence for coronary heart disease and hyperlipidemia but I didn't know that it also had such good data for hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis and secondary cardiovascular disease prevention. I had also never heard of the optimal omega-6:omega-3 fatty acid ratio of 4:1.

I appreciate the post by kl highlighting the information available about blue cohosh. When I first checked out the webinar, I must have only heard the cohosh part, as I did not remember hearing about blue cohosh. It is interesting that blue cohosh can be used at the same time as black cohosh, as it seems like this would be duplicate therapy since they have such similar names. As it turns out, they are not even part of the same genus or family! Thanks for posting an elaborate explanation!

This resource is excellent tool for consumers as well as providers. It does a great job of covering the common herbs and supplements (and even those that have recently become popular) that patients take and the important adverse effects and interactions they everyone should be aware of.

I wanted to briefly highlight the section on blue cohosh because, honestly, I had not heard of it until this webinar presentation. As mention thoroughly in the Natural Standard professional monograph, blue cohosh has been used for hundreds of years to help induce and ease childbirth. There are no clinical studies included in the scientific evidence section, however it has many theoretical uses (abortifacient, labor pain, menstruation irregularities, STDs, uterine stimulant, etc.) Herbalists may recommend blue cohosh to induce menstruation, to act as a diuretic, expectorant, and/or diaphoretic. Interestingly, herbalists may also recommend concomitant use of blue cohosh and black cohosh to provide a more balanced treatment for nerves and to enhance the antispasmodic effects of blue cohosh. It is important not to take either blue or black cohosh during pregnancy before the onset of labor. Blue cohosh may increase hyperglycemic effects in diabetic patients. Blue cohosh has been used as a decoction, fluid extract, infusion, tea, tincture, or whole herb. For exact doses and additional information please see the Natural Standard monograph for blue cohosh.

I think it is great that Natural Standard provides complimentary webinars and resources to continue education on the most up to date information on supplemental products. The webinars are so easy to access and view in my opinion. Providing impartial webinars and informative sessions gives healthcare professionals continual education on what is often misunderstood in society by consumers. It is a great form of public service and I think benefits the community by ensuring great health care in the overall picture.

I think the webinars are a great tool to educate healthcare providers about natural products and supplements. This webinar highlights some of the most common herbs and supplements that I have been asked about in retail pharmacy. It is very common when working in a retail pharmacy to have patients come up to you and say I am taking “X” herb or supplement does this interact with medications. To have a basic understanding of the common supplements as well as an understanding of how to find information about interactions each herb or supplement could have with prescription medications is crucial to being a health care provider today.

I think it’s awesome how Natural Standard offers educational resources like this. It’s great to be able to simply click on a link and essentially be able to watch or listen to a presentation right from your desk, home, etc. It is important for all those who work in the healthcare system to understand appropriate uses for and side effects, drug interactions, and potential dangers associated with herbs and supplements, especially common ones like those discussed in this webinar. No matter what the setting, doctors, pharmacists, and other practitioners will be able to contribute to their patients’ health by learning about important safety information that this webinar has to offer.

This is a very informative overview of the currently popular supplements. Use of specific supplements seems to wax and wane very quickly, so the popular supplements I learned about in school five years ago are not exactly the same popular supplements of today. I appreciate the efforts of Natural Standard and their pharmacy residents in opening our eyes to the natural treatments increasing in popularity, especially red yeast rice and acai, which are very popular in my pharmacy lately.

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