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January 22, 2013


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As previous posters have stated, Natural Standard is not your "standard" company. As a pharmacist, you have such a unique role in patient care here. It's an intellectual and stimulating position! Good to see that the company is growing and thriving.

I think it’s awesome how Natural Standard is getting the word out there about its mission and goals in helping to improve patient safety by providing educational material about CAM therapies. As a student, I have come to learn that a career as a Natural Standard employee is certainly very unique. Student rotations are constantly beginning and ending, with new faces to work with on a continual basis. Working for Natural Standard is also a never-ending learning experience, which is something that is not characteristic of most jobs.

This is a great opportunity for students to learn more about the opportunities available with Natural Standard! College career fairs are often well-attended and it is wonderful to see this company's continued involvement in these events. With the economy growing so slowly, it is ever more important for students to recognize these opportunities as they become available. It is great to see Natural Standard's continued involvement in the local community.

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