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February 01, 2013


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Thanks for putting this together Marina! I enjoyed learning about the various common vitamins and minerals. It was very detailed and organized. It is amazing how little I know about the sources of these vitamins, their various indications (along with the evidence grade), and the adverse effects associated with them. It was very helpful!

Thanks for the review Marina! Sometimes, it's good to think the of the basics, and the very commonly used products. It's to the point, but still very thorough, really enjoyed it!

I had to come back to this article, because it did not get enough love. Do you see what it has hyperlinked up there? Complimentary access. Thats right everyone. Free information about evidence for common vitamins and minerals that is unslanted, unbiased, and unrestricted!

I went over the webinar transcript, this is a great resource. I like how for each vitamin the recommended daily dose is noted for both genders as well as pregnant and breastfeeding individuals. I had never thought how each of these categories require a different daily amount. Also, it is good to know how long it takes for the vitamin to be removed from the body and what products interact with the vitamin to cause its depletion. An interesting point I saw was that for vitamin C (ascorbic acid) an additional 35mg is recommended in smokers. Thank you Marina for this great webinar.

Thanks Marina for the nice review of vitamins. It's so easy to forget that these vitamins have adverse effects and drug interactions. I remember a patient that I saw who had kidney stones that they believed to be caused by excessive Vitamin C supplementation! In addition to kidney stones, Vitamin C can cause severe diarrhea, gastritis, and nausea.

When I think about thiamine, the first thing that pops into my head is using it to prevent wernicke-korsakoff syndrome in alcohol withdrawal patients. However, I didn't realize that thiamine also has strong scientific evidence (Natural Standard Grade A) for metabolic disorders such as maple syrup urine disease, hyperalaninemia, pyruvate carboxylase deficiency, and subacute necrotizing encephalopathy. Some food products that contain thiamine include beef, lentils and beans, nuts and oats, milk, pork, rice, oranges, and whole grain cereals. The recommended daily intake of thiamine is 1.2mg daily for males and 1.1mg daily for females; however, the dose I commonly think of is 100mg IM or IV for alcohol withdrawal. For more information on thiamine I encourage you to listen to this webinar and visit the thiamine monograph at www.naturalstandard.com.

This is a great review of the evidence for uses, side effects, and doses of many vitamins and minerals. I learned a good amount of new information about vitamins and minerals from this webinar. Thank you for providing a PDF of your power point slides. I will definitely refer back to them in the future.

This webinar provides a wonderfully thorough review of the most common vitamin and minerals available. I appreciate that it is presented in a similar fashion to the drug products I learned about in pharmacy school; common uses, interactions and doses among other things are listed for each supplement. This is a great way to review the most commonly used vitamins and minerals. Thanks Marina for putting together such a thorough presentation!

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