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February 08, 2013


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This diet seems like a healthy way to contribute to treating a patients Type 2 Diabetes. I can see from the this diets food pyramid that fruits, vegetables, grains, olive oil, buts and beans make up the large part of the diet and meats and sweets are at the top of the pyramid. Also they mention the drinking of red wine as an optional part of the diet, and red wine to proven to reduce cholesterol levels, so there is some benefit. I would like to try this diet to see how beneficial it would be long term.

Being diagnosed as having type 2 diabetes can be devastating, on top of the worries about health, patients have to change to decrease further damage. As healthy as this diet and many other diets may be, the patients can be reluctant to change. I sat with a NP with newly diagnosed type 2 patients in education and dieting class. The looks on their faces when we were teaching them about dieting, I will never forget. They were shocked! But with newer recipes and education, they can now make a healthier choice.

If the Mediterranean diet was pushed more in the United States it would not only decrease diabetes but it would substantially decrease obesity among individuals as well as other comorbities that come with obesity. The American diet is high in carbohydrates and saturated fats. It would be nice to see a movement in the diet of Americans and having Mediterranean style fast food. Mediterranean diets are used in losing weight in healthy individuals and normally people who start these diets stay on them permanently.

I agree with the previous poster in that it is not surprising that diet featuring low carbohydrates would result in better glycemic control for diabetic patients. Processed foods high in carbohydrates are extremely prevalent in the typical American diet, and one of the main reasons for such a high level of type 2 diabetes in our country. Any diet that decreases carbohydrates would be helpful for patients with diabetes.

It's interesting to note that with respect to the actual numbers, the difference in glycated hemoglobin reductions ranged from 0.12% to 0.47%, with the Mediterranean diet being the largest reduction in HbA1c. Although the numbers are great... ultimately... any diet that the patient loves to stick to that doesn't raise glycated hemoglobin levels (or ultimately reduces them) is the most beneficial long term. If a doesn't work for an individual.. the difference of 0.35% reduction in glycated hemoglobin is not the major determining factor.

I have read a lot of research about different types of diets and their specific benefits. I don't find it too surprising that a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and omega-3s would help with glycemic control and losing weight. I personally think that too much research has been done in this area and researchers should focus their efforts elsewhere.

According to a webinar I tuned into last week by Dr. Jaclyn Chasse, the Mediterranean diet is also beneficial for couples trying to get pregnant! A study by Toledo et al. showed a lower difficulty of achieving pregnancy in 2,154 Spanish women ages 20 to 45 years following the Mediterranean diet as compared to a western diet. Furthermore, a Netherlands study by Vujkovic et al. demonstrated increase folate and B6 levels in red blood cells in 161 couples consuming the Mediterranean diet who were undergoing IVF. They also calculated the odds of pregnancy to be 1.4 fold higher when on the Mediterranean diet. It surprising how large a role food plays in both male and female fertility!

I love Mediterranean food! And there is a lot more to the Mediterranean diet than olive oil and hummus. Reducing red meat and cheese intake and increasing vegetable and fish intake are important components of the Mediterranean diet. If anyone is interested in the Mediterranean food pyramid or more details about the Mediterranean diet, http://oldwayspt.org/ is a good site to visit.

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