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March 19, 2013


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I was also surprised to see resveratrol still has evidence grade C. I know we all would really like to link it to lowering cardiac risk, but maybe it's not the resveratrol at all? Maybe it's simply the fact that those who have a glass of wine near the end of the are taking the time relax and destress?

The nice thing about the Natural Standard is that it is objectively looking at all the data. I am sure one could just as easily find articles discrediting reservatol as articles promoting it; well, maybe if it was profitable to discredit it! The point is, it is great to have a place to go where you know you are getting a comprehensive look at the hard facts that have been proven so far. Awesome for someone who is analytic like me!

Congratulations, Natural Standard! I looked up resveratrol recently in the Natural Standard database and was shocked to see it still has an evidence grade of C for cardiovascular disease and anti-inflammatory properties. This just helps to show the power of media; even though people have been raving about the "wine derivative" for years, the evidence still doesn't fully support all the claims. I am looking forward to reading the article and learning more about this popular natural product.

I am looking forward to reading the reservatol article. I have seen sales of reservatol in my pharmacy increase oner the past year or two, but I feel that my knowledge on the product is lacking. It is certainly not something we learned about in pharmacy school! I am so thankful that Natural Standard publishes information like this to increase public awareness of natural products; it certainly helps improve my practice!

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