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April 23, 2013


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I am currently a last-year pharmacy student enjoying my rotation at Natural Standard. Before coming here, I didn't know about the residency/fellowship programs available through NS. Personally, I have not decided on doing a residency yet, but am interested to learn more about this unique opportunity!

They are doing an extraordinary job at Natural Standard. A very interesting and beneficial project that would impact so many different persons in so many different settings that is unbelievable. Way to go!

Good luck to Marina and Carla! So excited that you are representing Natural Standards. I am sure the poster presentation on the audio research project will go over extremely well! It was a truly interesting project and the audio links on Natural Standards is such a unique service that is not currently offered by any of the other database sites on traditional or non-traditional therapies, so way to go!!

Now you only need it available as podcasts and the ability to listen on itunes and you're set!

This is such a great opportunity for Marina and Carla. I'm sure you guys will do great!! Good luck and enjoy the conference.

This is an amazing opportunity for Natural Standard's residents tp gain exposure in the residency arena! I'm sure the residents will give an informative and well planned presentation, just like the helpful webinars! Good luck!

Good luck to Marina and Carla!

Good luck Carla and Marina! You will do great at your presentation! #Rockstars

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