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April 23, 2013


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This is definitely a great way to promote Natural Standard as well as alternative therapies. With more and more people looking beyond conventional medicine today it is very important to have a reliable source for clinicians to turn to for help with answers to patient questions.

Well put Lisa!! It is definitely a good foundation that is necessary for health. Like my grandmother always said, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

I agree with Mikey, improving access and knowledge of Natural Standard in libraries will be very beneficial for the libraries and their patrons. I have yet to find a better resource than Natural Standard for information on natural products and therapies, and more people need to know about this!

This will be great for Natural Standard, but greater for health libraries everywhere. NS is a great tool for clinicians to learn more about the products that their patients are taking, knowing that they have a reliable and trusted source of validated scientific information.

This is a great opportunity for Natural Standard to gain visibility in libraries! It is becoming increasingly more important to treat the whole person instead of simply treating symptoms. Diet and exercise are very important to overall health, and can prevent many major health complications. It is great to see Natural Standard participating in such an important event!

I think it's great that Dr. Ulbricht is going to discuss not only alternative medicine but also lifestyle choices such as diet and exercise--she's definitely a good role model for it!

There's always a banter between whether drugs are better or herbals are better, but I think what I hear least is that if there's a good overall health foundation, that we just do the things that are right for our body from the start (or at least to start at some point early in our lives) there's more than likely less of a need for either kind of medicine. Health care providers just don't stress it or badger us about it enough.

This should be a great presentation to attend!

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