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February 27, 2014


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The type of vit E used in this expensive, long-running study, was 'suspect' from the first. I was present, as a Patient Advocate, at the Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Research when it was announced.

I immediately commented that using a synthetic vit E aspect like dl alpha tocopherol, was an error. The response was "this is the Clark regimen, already tested". It did not mean it was appropriate. I think later, many also questioned the type of selenium used.

Further I questioned whether not offering vit C in conjunction might be a problem. These men were in fact offered a multi-vitamin if they chose to use. I got a faxed copy of the ingredients, all of which were at RDA level (not high enough, but that's a separate conversation) and ALL synthetic and artificial.
8th grade biology taught me that if something doesn't penetrate the nucleus of a cell, it had little value to the body. Synthetic and artificial vitamins, never mind the too-low levels, do NOT enter the nucleus.

Thus for all above and more reasons, I cannot accept the conclusions.

Ann E. Fonfa
Founder/President, Annie Appleseed Project

This study used only a-tocopherol acetate in the Vitamin E treatment arm. Other studies (lung CA, CVD, all-cause mortality) used high doses of d-a-tocopherols at similar doses, and showed negative health consequences. Is this another example of conventional medicine viewing and studying vitamins as drugs? I wonder if a mixed tocopherol supplement were used if the results would be different.

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